Few companies can match the excellence of Steiner, when it comes to Safari Binoculars. For ruggedness, comfort, precision and magnification Steiner Safari Binoculars are, from my perspective, the binoculars of choice.

Let's start with the all-around best bet:

Steiner Wildlife Pro 10.5x28 Binoculars
Here are the Safari Binoculars that enthusiasts dream of. Look at the features and decide for yourself.
- Anti-glare and UV blocking
- Rugged and Shock resistant
- Comfortable design and handling
- Distortion free in bright conditions
- Excellent pricing

Steiner Wildlife 10x26 Binoculars
If price is a concern, go for the smaller version of the Steiner Wildlife Pro 10.5x
These Steiner Safari Binoculars make it easy to travel because they fit snugly into your ppocket but are big in the power department. Also rugged enough for those everyday knocks.

Steiner Safari Pro 10x26 Binoculars
On the value side of Steiner Safari Binoculars, these are like Steiner's Wildlife Pro 10x26 binoculars, only cheaper.
The Steiner Safari Pro binoculars are water resistant with a solid construction that offer up haze and UV blocking while still giving you several levels of brightness. You'll enjoy the clear images and save some money in the process!

Steiner Wildlife Pro 8.5x26 Binoculars
For the very compact-minded Steiner's 8.5 x 26 Wildlife Pro binoculars are small, light and will fit nicely into your shirt pocket. But don't underestimate this compact beauty. On the business end of these wildlife binoculars is a wide field of view, phase corrected and multi-coated lenses that deliver excellent resolution. Add a tough, waterproof and shockproof design and you not only have a pair of wildlife binoculars but excellent Safari Binoculars as well!