Citing from some reviews, we have the Nikon Eagle View 8-24x25 Zoom Binoculars that come out clearly as a favorite. "....The zoom is smooth."

"... I would recommend this eagleview, or another nikon with either 10x or 12x magnification."

"...If you are looking for COMPACT Binocular, BUY THIS ONE. I said it again, If you are looking for COMPACT Binocular, BUY THIS ONE. Light weight, sleek Design that is EASY to carry around and handle, yet SO POWERFUL that you can see a crater rings on the MOON !"

"... I AM IN LOVE !!!!


You'll find different types of Nikon compact binoculars available like the Nikon Monarch and Eagleview series. These are compact weighing in at approximately 12 ounzes making it less bulky to carry around.

In general, you won't go wrong with any of the Nikon series of compact binoculars as they all all offer excellent optics and performance at a reasonable price.

Most will be coated with rubber to protect from impact as well as lenses that are coated to prevent scratching and boost optical quality in bad lighting. Some are also coated to keep lenses from fogging up.

Nikon compact binoculars come in different shapes and sizes and can be ordered in a variety of colours as well. Optical zoom is also available on some models.