You may know Nikon for their professional line of cameras, but Nikon Binoculars are clearly a favorite choice for people shopping online.

The reason for that is Nikon's reputation for quality lenses. Those in the know rely on the quality optics that nikon binoculars and spotting scopes incorporate to give you the best viewing enjoyment whether bird watching or hunting.

Here are our favorites from each of Nikon's series of binoculars:

Nikon ProStaff ATB 12x25 Waterproof Binocular
Nikon Premier SE Superior E 12 x 50 Binocular with Wide Angle View
Nikon Premier LX-L 10x25 Binoculars
Nikon Action 12x50 EX Extreme ATB Binoculars
Nikon 8214 Stabileyes 16 X 32mm Binoculars with Vibration Reduction
Nikon - 10X25 Sportster (NKN8202)
Nikon 7218 Action 10 X 50mm Binoculars
Nikon 8202 Sportstar 10 X 25mm Binoculars
Nikon 8221 Trailblazer 10 X 50mm All Terrain Binoculars
Nikon® 10x50 mm Trailblazer Binoculars Advantage Max - 1 HD®
Nikon 7562 42mm 10x42 EDG Binocular
NIKON 7278 Travelite VI Binoculars (10 x 25mm)
Nikon 8208 Oceanpro 7 X 50 MM Binoculars With Compass
Nikon 7496 Eagleview Zoom 8-24 X 25mm Binoculars (Black)
Nikon 20x120 III Binocular Telescope

For example, look at Nikon's birding binoculars - one of the best you'll find:

Nikon's series of Monarch All-Terrain Binoculars.
- strong, rugged design makes these binos easy to carry
- High-reflective multilayer coating gives bright, sharp colors, with exceptional performance in low-light situations.
- Waterproof
- Fogproof
- Dielectric High Reflective Multilayer Prism Coating
- Multicoated lenses
- Phase Correction Coated Prisms
- Multi Setting Click Stop Eyecups

Another popular pair of Nikon Binoculars is the Nikon Action 8X40 Ultra Wide View Binocular with Case