Why Monoculars? Simple....They fit!

When space is limited and you still want to see all the details, monoculars will come to the rescue.

Not only do they fit into your purse or pocket but heavy lenses, tripods and bulkiness are no longer an issue.

Monoculars come in many small and thin sizes. Designed as a single barrel, monoculars can do the job of letting you in on the details without spending a fortune or relying on spotting scopes or telescopes which also have only one barrel.

Of course, it's no substitute for astronomy use or hunting, but it's handy and easy to carry around most of the time for immediate access. Like when you're hiking, at a lecture hall in university classes or if your vision needs some extra help.

Monoculars are also used to magnify small plants, insects and other hard to see things.
Consider the Zeiss MiniQuick pen-sized monocular for super compact. How about the lightweight Brunton MacroScope that can magnify 7x for details on the wing of a butterfly or to catch live action at your favorite sporting event. Clearly, monoculars do the job well!

Check out our list of monocular favorites:
- Alpen 10x32 Monocular
- Brunton’s Echo Pocket Scope
- Minox MD 8x16 Monocular

Other brand offerings come from:
Barska, Bushnell, Leica, Nikon, Carson, Vanguard, Vixen, Vortex and Zeiss Monoculars.