IR (infra red) Binoculars
When darkness makes visibility difficult, it is because there is an absence of light waves to help us see.

The fact is, we need light to see.

Infrared binoculars (ir binoculars) offer a source of light to help us do just that.

IR binoculars are able to project a beam of infrared light which helps to gather information about the image you are looking at. The special lenses inside the binoculars transforms this image making it visible.

Visible in a greenish way. Binoculars with night vision use the technology of photons and electrons which generate a visible image that may lack the detail of daylight viewing, but is quite sufficient to make your way around at night.

When buying IR Binoculars, one key thing to remember is the importance of having decent levels of magnification.
elk image through ir binoculars