One of the great features of owning a digital camera binocular, is being able to access the instant replay function on models that allow video capture. Having said that, if a purchase is on your mind, it is important to consider a memory card slot, as well. Nothing worse than running out of memory in the middle of some great viewing.

One problem that plagues certain owners is that of camera shake and the resulting out of focus shots you get. The best way around this is to buy a tripod. Long sessions of viewing are the most troubling as the hands and arms weaken. A binocular tripod makes the problem disappear, allowing for a more pleasant viewing activity.

There is also the misunderstood optical magnification rating versus that of the digital magnification. Suffice it to say that what you clearly want to look for is a higher optical magnification range. The problem with digital magnification, is that it only captures the highest digital information which may only be 10x - and magnifies that instead of magnifying the actual image itself. What you then get are statements of 20x magnification when it is really only a 10x view poorly magnified twice...and often pixelated.

Digital Camera Binoculars are still young in the evolutionary scale and you won't find ultra high end combinations of Binocular and camera. But you will get a great beginners start with the models available today. Our featured special is from Meade and indicative of a better product.

Other Options For Digital Camera Binoculars

If photographing with binoculars is really something you want to sink your teeth into, then you'll love the hottest new hobby of digiscoping.

With digiscoping you can adapt both point and shoot digital cameras or SLR cameras to a spotting scope or telescope, and get fabulious images from great distances. This is a whole new area in the popular world of binoculars and we highly recommend you look at digiscoping.
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