There are many binoculars for many applications, but when it comes to bird watching binoculars you want to look for certain features to make this activity as enjoyable as possible. After extensive research we've come up with some favorite Binoculars for Bird Watching.

Let's look at the Canon 7x42A binocular. After checking out the top brands, the Canon won due to it's very bright image (via a large exit pupil) and it's reputation for excellent optics. The images are super sharp, with excellent brightness and contrast.

While it is true that you can get equal performance from other "big-name" brands, it would be at a substantially higher price. For the money, this binocular simply cannot be beat. You will not be disappointed by the Canon's performance.

A bit more expensive but well worth the money, is the the new light weight alloy bodied Steiner Merlin. These are extremely precise as well as amazingly rugged and completely waterproof for even the nastiest of rainy days. The Steiner optics of these binoculars are made with premium optical glass and are coated with natural color transmission multi-coating. This boosts light transmission and allows for extraordinary clarity, color fidelity and resolution.

steiner8x50-binoculars-bird-watchingSteiner incorporates a unique fast-focus system which goes from close focus to infinite in two full turns of the focus wheel for razor sharp images. This is bird watching at its finest with binoculars that offer clean and precise detail, a comfortable rubber armored body, waterproof, shockproof and long eye relief.

To keep nervous birds from flying the coop, Steiner has created the exterior finish of the Merlin in a transparent-like neutral color which is an earth tone brown so as to be least noticeable to skittish birds.

The Steiner Merlin 8 x 50 is a new binocular featuring compact design yet boasting 50 millimeter objective lenses. With phase corrected roof prisms and full multi-coated optics to yield exceptional brightness and perfect color rendition, you're in for a wonderful bird watching experience.