When looking for the best hunting binoculars, here are some things to consider:

A high power is recommended since there may be a great distance between you and what you are hunting and you need to have binoculars that can let in as much light as possible to be able to clearly see your target. 7x35 size binoculars are good for general field use but many hunting enthusiates will also use 8x42 and 10x42 magnification power.

Hunting binoculars must also be able to handle alot of abuse that hunters generally put them through. Because hunters often find themselves hunting in the rain or snow, weather-proofing and fog resistance is a key feature when looking for the best hunting binoculars. They should also be able to withstand bumps, knocks and drops. It is commonplace for many a hunter to drop their binoculars from tree heights or on the trail. Consider rubberized casings for a good grip and protection.

Remember that the best hunting binoculars may not be the best for hunting birds if you're hunting deer. Choose according to your preferred activity. There are huge binoculars for hunting big game and small hunting binoculars for smaller game. Which one you choose depends on what you are hunting.

Although a high power is often recommended, many people make the mistake of choosing binoculars based solely on the highest magnification. This isn’t always the best choice because there is less of an area the hunter can see in the field. Also, every slight movement will be greatly increased with each increased unit of magnification, thus requiring a tripod. Higher magnification binoculars also weigh more and this can start to get tedious if you're out in the field for long stretches of time.

At The World's Best Binoculars, we've done the heavy lifting, having researched and hand-picked the best hunting binoculars - so you don't have to! But for added benefits, it pays to read the many customer reviews available with most of the hunting binoculars you will see listed here.

You may come across different terms that are confusing - such as BaK-4 or BK-7. This term has to do with the prism and quality of the lens. The less expensive models will generally be made with Bak-7 prism. Suffice it to say, that although not always the case, in general, Bak-4 would be a better choice for binoculars. Bak-4 prisms offer a sharper image and better light transmission.

I f you're looking to understand some of the terms used, refer to our Binocular glossary of terms.

At the right you will notice our preferred Hunting Binoculars in different price ranges. Read the customer reviews that some products have for more details, but these binoculars are clearly excellent choices to consider!


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