Auto focus binoculars need no adjustment when focusing at different distances. This is because the focus is pre-programmed at infinity.

The auto focus of these binoculars remains in between 20m to infinity. The lowest distance of automatic focus is different with different models. At a shorter distance, the focus is manually operated.

Auto Focus Binoculars generally have Ruby Coated optics which makes the binoculars perform equallly well during the day and night. They even work in low lighting conditions such as a street lamp or the light of the moon.

They are typically all-purpose optical gadgets. The ease of the auto focus function increases the efficiency of detailed viewing, like bird watching or nature watching at the time of hiking. Continuous surveillance in the military gets easier with an auto focus system. Entertainment viewing like sports or cultural functions becomes even more enjoyable if you are relieved from the trouble of continuous adjustment of your non-automatic focusing binocular.

The binoculars with automatic focus technology can also be divided in such categories as sports, compact or camouflage. If you are a die-hard sports enthusiast, an avid bird watcher or just entering the world of binoculars, you can buy these auto focus binoculars at fabulous savings, here, at The World's Best Binoculars.

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