When choosing air rifle scopes, the quality really does make a difference. You want to match the right scope to your rifle, so here is what to look for.

The Mechanics
The inner workings of an air rifle scope will have a direct affect on your shooting accuracy. As adjustments are made during sight-in, the cam tube which holds the reticle and lenses in place, moves inside the scope. To keep your rifle on target, with a clear quality image, the cam tube should be strong enough to absorb the impact of the shooting recoil yet remain in place.


Make sure your rifle scope offers precision adjustments, point-of-impact consistency, good reticle strength, is waterproof, fogproof and has shockproof durability. The weight, bulk and ergonomics are also important if you plan any long outings.

Image Quality
To get the very best image, make sure the optical system delivers as much light as possible to the shooters eye. You want a light, bright image, which will result in a sharper resolution, and therefore a clear shot. Lets not forget that the quality of the lense glass, design and optical coatings also make the difference in a riflescope's light delivery and outcome.

A riflescope's magnification should offer the appropriate strength for your particular purpose. (ex:)

Low power: (1.5-6x32, 2-7x32) are ideal for any close range and moving targets. Light management offers a brighter picture and wider field of view-even in low-light conditions or thick brush.
Medium power: (3-9x40, 2.5-10x50) These rifle scopes are best for hunting big game at a medium range.
High power: (6-18x40, 6-24x40) Ideal power for target shooting, when the target is motionless and for small game