Binoculars aren't just for the birds. Believe it or not, they are one of the most popular optical products and used for more than just bird-watching!

We offer the finest brand names for just about every activity and purpose and at prices for every kind of budget.
Here is a small sampling:

Binoculars For:
Birding from Bushnell, Audubon, Swift, Steiner
Astronomy from Celestron, Meade
• Hunting binoculars from Leupold, Nikon, Swarovski, Kahles, Bushnell, Galileo
• General use binoculars by Bushnell
Marine & Waterproof Binoculars from Steiner, Nikon, Canon
Military from Steiner
• Theatre / Opera by Swift, Barska, Milana, La Scala
Digital camera from Bushnell, Celestron
IR (Night Vision) by ATN, Bushnell, Night Owl Optics, Tasco and Yukon
and many others...

All products have been hand-picked and organized to help you find exactly what you are looking for. And if you are not certain what would be best for you, our articles and customer reviews make it easy to decide.

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How to buy what you really nees. When deciding on what to buy, remember that Binoculars are only as good as the optics that are used. Take a moment to check out the customer reviews and comments that are posted on many items. At a quick glance, you can scan the ranking of our products by looking at the stars. These represent the average number of stars (points) that customers have given. But don't ignore those without ratings - it may just mean that they are too new to have received a customer review.

We've compiled the BEST SELLING as well as the BEST RATED BINOCULARS for you to look at. These are updated continuously to give you the latest trends in customer approval ratings. Use this as an additional indicator of the level of customer satisfaction for the products you are looking for.

If Astronomy catches your eye, then our selection of the world's Best Astronomy Telescopes is something you should investigate. We carry products that both amateur and professional enthusiasts of astronomy will enjoy at prices for every budget! Always a perfect gift idea.

We've hand-picked our favorite featured products for you to look at. All have excellent customer reviews and all are aggressively discounted. These are simply the most popular binocular deals you will find!

A Guide To Selecting The Right One
compact binocular sale


Planning a night out at the theater or opera? You'll appreciate the small and compact size of these binoculars. They're light in weight and take up little room.

Also great if you plan on hiking or hunting. Compact binoculars typically have objective lenses of less than 30mm. The objective lenses are the ones at the end of the binoculars furthest from your eyes.
Most preferred: 8 x 25, 10 x 25
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mid-size binocular special
Mid-size binoculars have objective lenses that range from 30-39mm -

These are your standard, everyday binoculars used for general use like observing nature, wildlife or getting the close-up action of spectator sports.
Most preferred: 7 x 35, 10 x 32
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full size binocular sale
Full size binoculars have objective lens sizes of 40mm and larger. The objective lens is the one furthest from your eye.

Because of the larger size, they can capture more light and will offer a fine image in low-light situations. Full-size binoculars also offer steadier images and with a wider field of view, are a great choice for wildlife viewing.

But forget using these type of binos for hiking, though, as you may find them too heavy for backpacks.

Most preferred: 8 x 42, 10 x 50
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discount on wide angle binoculars
If you're tracking fast moving action across wide areas like football fields, wilderness terrain or racetracks, wide angle binoculars are your best bet!
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zoom binoculars special
ZOOM (or variable power) binoculars, allow you to increase the magnification of the image you are looking at by a variable amount indicated by the first 2 numbers separated by a hyphen. For example: The magnification range for 7-21x50 is 7 times up to 21 times magnification.
The number "50" would be the objective lens diameter at the front of the binoculars and stays fixed.

Although zoom binoculars are popular and many people enjoy them, we feel that a fixed power binocular is a better choice all around. Zoom binoculars have inherent problems simply because you are trying to align two individual telescopes (the left and right barrels) to function simultaneously. To achieve perfect synchronization of all the mechanical moving parts is not possible simply because each barrel is dependant on the other. That means when one moves, the other follows creating a less than perfect alignment and consequently, an image that could be cleaner and sharper. However, many people enjoy the facility of zooming in and out...
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image stabilized binoculars discount
Image stabilized binoculars are hot items in the marketplace these days. And for good reason. Outdoor enthusiasts know that just holding up a pair of binos will become a bit tedious after a while and lead to a certain amount of hand shaking. Also, using the high power setting can make your point of interest disappear with the slightest breeze. This is where image stabilized binoculars shine. Using the latest OIS (optical image stabilizer) technology, makes these type of binos feel tripod-secure without a tripod!
Canon in particular is known for super clarity, and we highly recommend them as a solid choice if you're looking for image stabilization binoculars. On the con side, you might find them slightly heavier because of the battery requirements and the extra tech machinery that goes into them - but we think it is a minor issue worth putting up with.
Read more information on image stabilization ...
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discount on waterproof binoculars
These offer great clear viewing even in nasty weather conditions like fog, rain or ice. Waterproof Binoculars deliver clarity despite foul weather conditions including fog, rain and ice. They are O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged for performance that is clearly reliable.
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discount on ir binoculars for night vision
SAVE 45%

Night vision or (ir Binoculars - infra-red) offer vision in the lowest light conditions. Perfect for camping situations, exploring caves or observing wildlife in the dark. Also used for security when guarding warehouses or in similar surveillance situations.

The Best Selling Night Vision Binocular is currently the Nightowl Pro Nexgen by Night Owl.

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